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Spirit Lab Zoom 20-50mm

SpiritLab-Z-EN.jpgSpirit Lab Zoom 20-50mm T3.2

Full-frame cine zoom

A substitute for multiple lenses

Spirit Lab pioneers the industry and timely brings the cine zoom as the age of full-frame filming comes. It provides cinematographers another reliable choice of easy shooting, and we name it (Sa)”, which means fierce wind in Chinese.

No distortion

Zero distortion all through the zoom range even when the shooting distance changes

Minimised image distortion benefits both cinematographers and the audience. It enables cinematographers to freely adopt various creative techniques to express their ideas in films, which will finally improve the audiences watching experience.

No breathing

Superior control of breathing effect
Spirit Lab adopts advanced technologies such as floating compensation and displacement compensation to effectively control the breathing effect to an imperceptible level. A lens with minimised breathing effect avoids cinematographers to be distracted when switching focuses, so that extraordinary images can be captured.


High resolution

Super high resolution kept from the centre to the edge

Spirit Lab Zoom 20-50mm rebuilds the reality in a non-stylised and high-quality way, transmitting images with less loss. It is particularly suitable to be used with green screen cutouts and MOCO for re-composition, and also helpful to produce immersive images.

Excellently parfocal

Focus only driven by follow focus ring

The accurate focus of Spirit Lab Zoom stands the test of projection on big screen even if the take is at a full-opened aperture. The lens is so competent that cinematographers can always trust its reliability and accuracy.



Glare is suppressed to produce extraordinary images

Spirit Lab Zoom 20-50mm greatly reduces ghosting, glare, and contrast degradation caused by reflection and structural design when light comes in. More than that, the solid and precise coating realises the neutralisation of color that helps to work well with other lenses.





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